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Of the «Cinema Kids»

International children's Film Festival



The International Children's Film Festival “Cinema kids” is held with the aim of developing creative initiatives and abilities of the younger generation, expanding citywide, intercity and international exchange of experience in the field of children's film and video creation. The film festival is designed to develop, inspire and support young filmmakers, to develop an aesthetic taste among a wide range of viewers.



The main tasks of the Film Festival are:

- the formation of a children's cultural community based on core interests;

- preservation of the domestic and world cultural traditions;

- creation of a platform for communication and exchange of experience between film authors, teachers;

- acquaintance with the work of professionals from the field of cinema to enhance the professional level of participants;

- identification of talented beginner filmmakers.



The audience of the Film Festival is adults and children: everyone who is interested in modern children's cinema, and those who make films for children and with the participation of children:

- film schools, video studios, creative associations (commercial and non-commercial),

- educational institutions and adolescent clubs,

- teachers, heads of film schools, associations and studios;

- individual enthusiasts in the field of cinema and video creation.

- viewers and everyone who is not indifferent to the cinema.



The film festival is supported by the Culture Committee of St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television, the International Film School "Cinema" and others. The partners of the Film Festival may include legal entities and individuals who support this Regulations and are actively involved in the development of children's filmmaking.



The film festival is held on April 19 - 23, 2023 in St. Petersburg at SPbGIKiT (Saint Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television).

Applications are accepted until March 10, 2023. Awarding of the winners of the Film Festival will take place on April 23, 2023.


Participation in the Competition program and events of the Film Festival are free.

Participation in the Film Festival provides for compliance with all points of these Regulations.

Age of the Film Festival participants: up to 18 years.

To participate in the competition, it is necessary to send the completed application and a link to the file hosting service where the film is posted until March 1, 2022.

One application must be filled out for each creative work in the form specified in Appendix 1.

Each participant of the Film Festival (or creative group) has the right to submit no more than 3 creative works to the competition.

Applications are accepted by e-mail: cinema.deti@gmail.com

If the application has been received by a film festival employee, a message will be sent to the participant: “Your application has been accepted” (or “not accepted” if it does not comply with the Regulations of the film festival).

If the participant has not received a response letter from the organizers of the festival, please call back in three days after sending your letter +7 (812) 907 2884.



Films lasting up to 30 minutes are accepted for participation in the Film Festival.

Works should be presented in the highest possible quality. The minimumal resolution for films shot at the amateur level is 640x480 pixels. Materials that are defective in image or sound are not allowed to the competition.

Video files are accepted in .mov .avi .mp4 formats using the h.264 / mpeg4 codec (in case of using a different format / codec, specify the possibility of participation additionally). You should place the file on any of the file-sharing resources, indicate the link to it in the application and make sure that the link will be active all the time of the film festival.


Creative work should have captions: the name of the work, the name of the team (association, studio), name and surname of the author (s), the year the movie was made (not earlier than 2022).

The film must be created with the participation of children (under 18 years old).

Films are accepted in any language. Works created in a foreign language must have synchronous translation in Russian or subtitles.
The films that have already participated in the festival can not be accepted for the second time.

Applications for participation in the film festival and a link to the file should be sent to the email address cinema.deti@gmail.com

Submitted works must comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation and not contain scenes and plots that offend the feelings of believers (of various faiths and religions); scenes of cruelty and violence; erotic and / or pornographic scenes; plots and shots promoting alcohol, smoking, drugs and weapons.

The organizers of the Film Festival have the right to withdraw creative work from the competition if it does not consist with moral values.


Prizes are awarded to films of the Competition Program in the following categories:

Grand Prix of the film festival

Best feature film

Best animated film

Best documentary film

Best science fiction film

Best music video

Best commercial / social video

Best Director

Best acting (girls)

Best acting (Boys)

Best screenplay

Best camera work

Best editing and computer graphics

Best TV report

Best video shot on a smartphone

Best debut (for children who have performed creative work without adult support)

For an active civil position!


Winners are awarded with diplomas and prizes. All participants are awarded with certificates.

It is possible to have additional prizes and diplomas from sponsors and partners of the festival, as well as from other organizations.



As part of the Film Festival there will be:

Grand opening of the event.

Premiere of the competitive section films.

Festive presentation of film awards and honoring laureates.

Independent jury: famous directors and actors.

Master classes, creative meetings and seminars from the masters of the film industry.

Defile on the red carpet.

Photosession and video interview near a company press-wall.

Paparazzi, journalists from newspapers, online publications, TV.

Concert program, performance of artists.

Gifts from sponsors.

Contests, surprises, contests and events for guests:

- Participation in film casting.

- Cinema makeup.

- Cinema illusions

- Acting



The jury of the Film Festival is formed by the organizers of the Film Festival. The jury of the Film Festival includes: movie and television figures, producers and directors. A professional jury evaluates the submitted work by meeting and voting. Winners are determined by the largest number of votes of the jury. The chairman of the jury has 2 (two) votes.


All decisions of the jury are recorded in the protocol and it is not a subject to revision.


All members of the jury undertake to refrain from publicly commenting works until the results are announced at the closing ceremony of the Film Festival.

Criteria for evaluating the work of participants in the Film Festival:

- compliance with the goals and objectives of the Film Festival;

- general art value;

- editing and directing;

- art of shooting

- sound engineering;

- design work (titles, graphics);

- emotional impact on the viewer.


The jury determines the winner of the Grand Prix of the Film Festival and the winners in each nomination. All participants who did not win prizes receive participant certificates.

The Film Festival jury has the right to introduce special prizes and special nominations, and also has the right not to award the Grand Prix or the title of Laureate in separate nominations.

The award ceremony will take place on the final day of the Film Festival, April 23, 2023.

All works will be posted on the Film Festival channel at www.youtube.com, where viewers can vote for their favorite work. Based on the results of the audience voting, the winner will be awarded with the audience sympathy prize.


Sending their work to the Film Festival, the authors automatically agree to the terms of participation in it and agree to the informational and promotional use of the submitted works and also give consent to the processing of personal data.

Authors of the work pass non-exclusive copyrights to the Organizing Committee of the festival, implying the non-commercial use of materials (playback and demonstration as a part of the festival). A public demonstration of the works submitted to the competition is carried out with the obligatory mention of the name of the author.

The authors guarantee that they created their works personally and are the only owners of intellectual property rights. The authors confirm that they do not violate copyrights, and the exclusive right to these audiovisual works is not transferred to third parties. The authors confirm that they have permissions to shoot parents or legal representatives who participated in the filming.

The organizers of the Film Festival have the exclusive right to audio and video recording on film festival events.




The costs assosiated with organizational help to the participants takes host. The costs assosiated with travel, accomodation, visa, medical insurance and meals takes the sending party.



Film Festival Organizing Committee:

Phone: +7(812) 907 2884,

Email: cinema.deti@gmail.com

Festival website: http://mycinemakids.ru,

VKontakte Film Festival group address: https://vk.com/cinema_deti

Address of the FB Film Festival group: https://www.facebook.com/filmfestivalcinemakids/


Appendix 1


to participate in the International Children's Festival

 of film and video creativity

“Cinema kids”

1. Title of creative work

2. Name and surname of a child - the author of a film or group of authors (indicating their age).

3. Name of organization (fill in if you are partisipating as an organization)

4. Timing

5. Nomination (list no more than three nominations in which you plan to participate)

6. Link to the work on the file hosting (not on youtube!)

7. Participation and victories in other film festivals

8. Name and surname of the creative work curator (teacher, master or parent)

9. Phone for contacting the curator (enter the city code)

10. Email Address

11. City, country

12. A brief annotation of the work

13. Year of creation.

14. Full-time or distance participation.

15. With full-time participation, indicate the estimated number of children who will come to the film festival.



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